Direct Seller License Registration Information by Required Province

What is the Direct Seller License?

The direct sellers license is a business license required in certain Canadian provinces, which authorizes a company or individual to operate as a direct seller in their province.

Which provinces require a Direct Seller License?

The following provinces and territories require an IHWM to have a direct sellers license: Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories.

Province: Manitoba (MB)

Application Form Link:
Application Form



  1. IHWM completes and signs the application form.
    IHWM sends application form and fee with ID copy and email address clearly stated, to
    Healy World Canada Ltd., CP 47065, Levis, QC, Canada, G6Z 2L3
    Please mail the completed, signed form to the following address using a trackable method such as FedEx, UPS or another provider:

2. Wire transfer the fee to:

Beneficiary Account Number: 1430875
Bank Number: 003
Transit Number: 00002
Beneficiary Bank: ROYAL BANK OF CANADA
Beneficiary Bank Address: 200 BAY ST. TORONTO, ON M5J 2J5

3. Healy World Canada signs and sends application and fee to the province.

4. Province mails application back to Healy World Canada.

5. Healy World Canada mails application to the IHWM

Renewal Period: 1 Year

Province: Northwest Territories (NT)

Application Form Link:
Application form

$185/annually – Licenses are issued April 1 and expire March 31 of the following year.

The IHWM’s cost is prorated dependent upon which month the license is issued.

Payable to:
Government of the Northwest Territories (check or credit card)
Credit Card – IHWM can request to pay by credit card during the application process.
The province will contact you and send you a credit card authorization form.

Check – Mail your check to:



Procedure Link

Renewal period: 1 Year

*Note: IHWMs must submit a criminal background check during the application process.

Province: Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Application Form Link:
Application Form


Payable to:
Minister of Finance


  1. IHWM completes and signs the application form.
  2. IHWM mails completed form and fee to the province.
    Consumer Services Section Department of Justice and Public Safety
    Province of Prince Edward Island
    P.O. Box 2000 Charlottetown, P.E.I. ClA 7N8
  3. Province mails approved license back to IHWM.

    Allow 3-6 weeks for processing.

    Renewal period: 2 years

Province: Saskatchewan

Exempted from a direct selling license

Application Form Link:
Application Form

Payable to: Online Portal

Create an account online and submit the application and payment online

Criminal Record (to be submitted with in the Step 4 of the Online Application):

– If the salesperson does have a criminal record a criminal record check must be uploaded. It must be dated within 90 days of the application being submitted. If you don’t have a criminal record to upload, you must state the reason why.
– If the salesperson does not have a criminal record a criminal record check does not need to be uploaded.

Renewal period: 1 year

Direct Sellers Salespersons Guide 

Registration and Licensing System

Province: Alberta

Exempted from a direct selling license

Province: New Brunswick

Exempted from a direct selling license

Direct Seller License FAQ

How long does an IHWM have to submit their application and fee for the Direct Seller License?
IHWMs must submit the completed and signed form with fee to the appropriate office per their province requirements within 30 days of enrollment. IHWMs who do not file their application by this deadline may have any pending commissions on their account placed on hold until such a time as their application has been received.

How long will it take to receive the approved license?
It will vary per province, but expect 4-6 weeks for processing time.

Does an IHWM need to provide Healy World Canada with a copy of any license they are issued by their province?
Yes, once an IHWM obtains the Direct Seller License issued by their province they need to mail or otherwise provide Healy World Canada a copy via support center.

Is there a fee charged for the license?
Yes. It will vary per province. Check the province website for details.

Who is the “applicant” or “direct seller” on the application?
The IHWM is the applicant/direct seller.

What vendor name should be used on the application?
Healy World Canada

What vendor address should be used on the application?
Healy World Canada Ltd.
1 University Ave, 3rd Floor
Toronto ON

Is the vendor/individual salesperson license required?
Yes, this license is required.

How often does the license need to be renewed?
Once yearly, generally. Check with the applicable province for all details.

Is the same process required to renew the license?
Yes. The IHWM should follow the same steps as outlined below.

Is the license required for all Healy World Canada IHWMs residing in the provinces listed above?
Yes. All IHWMs are required to comply with provincial guidelines.

What happens if an IHWM’s application is not approved?
Those individuals will not be permitted to be Healy World Canada IHWMs in that Province.

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